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nano Metrics

for MetaTrader and customisable to any platform


Server Hosting & White Labels


GBX nano Metrics is a data aggregation and analytics tool that can be applied to the MetaTrader server or the MetaTrader Manager. Draw out all the data about your accounts and trades. GBX has 20 years of experience developing bank-level technology and uncovering the value of your data.

Unique Features of GBX nano Metrics


Aggregation & Pricing

Aggregate data across multiple servers and different platforms in a like-for-like  single view. Manage your risk from all servers from one single location.

Spectrum April-min.png

Real-Time Detection

Easily identify scalpers, toxic or high frequency traders and take action to reduce the greatest threats to a broker.


Charting Options

Find the right chart for the right analysis. Choose from a number of options, including Renko, Kagi, Time Bars and more, all in real-time.


Open trades profit and loss with multi-chart options

Open Trades Centre


Dive deep into your ticket history for granular trade data by account

History Centre

For Leadership & Management

At-a-glance Snapshot of profitability

Tiered access management with database accessible only to Leadership

FIX API connections

Constant data back-ups that refresh every second

New sources of revenue

For IT Managers

Easy setup and low effort maintenance

Real-time back-ups of all server data

Instant Excel export statements for investment managers and auditing

Full control over server functions

For Risk Managers

Real-time data on the profitability of every segment, trade or account in one single location

Quick identification of HFT, scalping or other toxic trading practices

Charting options that record the open/close of every trade

Customizable dashboards showing Group Accounts data to trade level data

Full ticket lifecycle visibility for every account, making it easy to calculate profitability and exposure

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