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 Risk & Liquidity for Institutional FX

Experience and Technology

Risk management, dealing, technology and data are essential to the success any institutional business plan in an increasingly competitive space.


But doing these things well is hard. Really hard.


GBX offers institutions an all-around risk management service so the companies can focus on the areas they excel at, customer acquisition and providing the best service to their clients. We combined cutting-edge Bridge, analytics and client management technologies designed to maximize the value of your data and client-base. 

Risk Management as a Service​​


Professional dealing staff around the clock to manage order flow and respond to critical signals from the markets.


We deliver consistent trading results across strategies, and capture more revenue per trade above STP. 


Our Prime Broker solution centralizes data from multiple front ends. White label GBX's technology to manage your clients, orders and data all in one location.


Build a scalable model for success by reducing  overhead. Get daily P/L reports directly through easy-to-use dashboards.

A professional risk management team can make the greatest impact on a FX broker's bottom line. GBX Risk Management Service offers world-class expertise with decades of experience who are masters of dealing and understand brokers.




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