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Mr Michael R.S – Co-Founder

Mr. Michael is a financial visionary, fin-tech wizard and successful deal maker.

He is a well-known revolutionary figure in the finance industry, fighting for what is right for the people. Prestigious large banks, financial institutions and even government bodies seek his technology and deep level advice in the grueling finance industry.

As co-founder of Quant maker, he gives general directives to all management of Quant maker globally.

Kritpasit Thanachakaphad (Gem) – Chief Business Strategist

Mr. Gem is a market professional that has been in financial market for the past 10 years, specializing in Equities, Stocks and Commodities. He is also an expert in propriety propshop trading for 6 consecutive years.

He graduated from Assumption University in Business administration.

As the Chief Business Strategist of Quantmaker Thailand Branch, he oversees business management, sales & marketing and customer service strategy for QuantMaker Society.

Ms. Suphaphit Rujiputthanyapat (AMP) – Chief Technology Advisor

Ms. Amp is highly experienced in the software and internet marketing industry. She has been an avid programmer for about 3 years and an internet marketing consultant for about 5 years. She is now a popular FX coach.

She graduated from Bangkok University in Multimedia and Internet Systems Engineering.

As Chief Technology Advisor of Quantmaker Thailand Branch, she if responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the company, focusing on growing the company through the effective use of technological resources.

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