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MT4 Risk Management & Prime Broker Solution Plugin

  • GBX Technologies Metatrader 4 Plugins help you to minimize trading costs and, manage your broker risk

  • Supports all types of MT4 orders with Multiple close orders.

  • Market Execution

  • Use MT4 Instant Execution and Track full analytics 

  • Maximize Internalization Of Trading Flow Lower Your Risk  

  • GBX News Module Will Dynamically Protect your Broker Against Predatory Trading.

  • Simple Fast Dynamic Interface ensures the proper control to keep all activities centralized and easily manageable.

  • Scalable Infrastructure And Centralize modular Core

  • Able to export MT4 Traders on data to Spreadsheet programs Dynamic interface per MT4 User (e.g. Excel) 

  • Real-Time Tick By Tick  Analytics to  MetaTrader 4 per account bases.

  • no more mt4 manager to run and evaluate your broker

  • Compatible With  Other Bridge providers or MT4 Plugins   

  • Easy Setup

  • Cost-effective

  • Electronically connect as many venues as needed, whatever the protocols

  • Create a single order book with liquidity aggregated from as many sources as needed

  • Customize clients Prices

  • Client order flow management

  • Smart order routing with own specified algorithms

  • Route liquidity to internally or to external venues

  • Throughout order lifecycle management











Some features:

Real-time insight into client trading behavior within a user friendly interface.

GBX Risk Analytics MT4 Plugin module can be use in parallel with your current broker setup or bridge providers without conflict on your metatrader 4 server. has a extra addon to your current mt4 risk tools arsenal..

  • This screen shot shows the different risk strategies applied to a particular account. The five different strategies 1 Metatrader 4 can be applied manually or automatically, and prior to a trade being placed


  • The first trade has been applied by the preset B-Book, so this trade is hedged against Broker’s account.


  • Broker’s Risk Manager then decides to apply STP mode for the following trade. The 2nd trade is then applied STP mode to Broker’s LP.


  • This Trader appears to be profitable, the account is then put on Duplicate made. The 3rd trade is duplicated by the Broker to LP.


  • The 4th strategy is Hedge. The Trader puts a 4th trade which has been applied Hedge strategy. So, if Trader goes long, then broker goes short, against the same LP.


  • Limit is the 5th strategy. The broker can decide the limit of trade size to send to LP.


  • With these 5 built-in strategies, a Broker has the power to manage risks better and simpler.

      or expand new ones.

GBX TO MT4 Strategy Center and Builder


View Individual Traders Accounts on MT4 With Presice surgical analytics.

•Toggle between Liquidity Providers on realtime to each individual Trader


•Preset Risk Strategies or Customized Risk Strategies Per MT4 account basis


•Monitor Commissions, per currency pairs and more


•No need for server reset for the most critical tasks


•Solution designed for tick by tick ,monitoring and control bases.


•Low support costs and setup time


•You'll have the ability to distribute  Sub White Labels from one MT4 Server Including  one GBX interface to each individual White Label for maximum control.


•Every GBX Tab Can Be add and Remove Based what the broker want white-label to see and review.


* implement your own analytics and strategys to apply on your clients accounts 




We use a flat fee in our mt4 solution pricing model – not volume-based – .



Our system Also enables you to:



•Give White-labels control over:


•Commissions, groups conditions and much more


•Allows your White Labels to resell liquidity via FIX API and wide spreads


•Enable full autonomy of the White Labels


•Allows for easy filtering and aggregation


•Enrichment of streaming data with context data for better and richer analytics


•Have access to Transaction Cost Analysis tools


•Enjoy rich, real-time, visualization and visual analytic tools


•Have White-labels up and running in 20 minutes



 Optimize your MT4 White Labels

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Expand  Your MetaTrader 4 Server White-Labels And  Risk  Management Capabilities                           


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